Types of Motivational Speakers

A  is someone who talks about something inspirational to a group of people. These kind of speakers share their own experiences and expertise to an audience. Usually they are invited in schools, career seminars, community centers and different companies. There are several types of motivational speakers such as, personal development, business, youth mentor and community.

Personal development

Motivation speakers of this type talks about topics such as personality development, work and family balance and spiritual development. Motivational speakers discussing issues on personal development share their own experiences of difficult situations and misfortune to their achievement of success.

Motivational Speaker
They practically snare this to give hope to every individual. Instead of directly talking about life lessons, these speakers would rather let their audience pick and learn lessons on their own. The motivational speaker let their listeners be able to apply it in their own lives. After listening, motivated listeners should be able to take their own actions and find new outlook in life.


Business related speakers are often invited to talk in a company. Audiences were comprised of front line personnel, business teams, executive directors and all other staffs. Usually, speakers in this kind are those who are known to have expertise and several experiences in the kind of field that they are talking about. They share their different experiences and how the audience could attain success in the same kind of business. The motivational speaker also reminds the audience of their goals.

The speaker also leads and unites the members of the company. For those who are starting with the business, the speaker’s stories and shared experiences give them hope that through hard work and perseverance, their ranking in the company will surely improve. Proper attitude and enthusiasm are usually shared by the motivational speaker to shape every employee’s perspective towards reaching success in their chosen company or business.

Youth Mentor

The audience for this kind of speaker is generally comprised of young people. These people may be found in schools, community centers, churches or other events and locations. This kind of motivational speaker generally addresses the young generations’ aim to have a healthy ambition, success in life and become an inspiration or model for the youth in the future.

Topics such as benefits of studying hard, explanations on why they should take school seriously, the process of finding their passion or calling in life, developing morality and proper way of interacting with others are just some of the things discussed by the motivational speaker for the youth, the speaker serves as a guide and direction for children and teenager listeners. The words from the motivational speaker help them avoid or overcome having bad decisions, irresponsible choices and lack of motivation.


MotivationalDiscussing important social and community issues are among the topics discussed by community motivational speakers. Given specific topic, the motivational speaker shares experiences and campaigns he or she has done in another community, the words may serve as guide to the listeners on how to deal and make plan of actions on a specific issue. Usually the audience get involved in planning as the speaker direct their actions and decisions. Speaking about social and community issues can be an exchange of ideas and suggestions between the speaker and audience. This talk inspires listeners to achieve better goals for their community.

Being a motivational speaker does not simply involve talking about experiences in front of many people. Aside from speaking, motivational speakers are also instructing, giving lectures off the circuit and writing. Some speakers also teach as they offer prepackaged courses or online classes. Remember that they have expertise about their field and learning directly from them offers a lot of benefits. Lecturing off the circuit may be through video and audio recording of talks. In this way, more audience will be reached without going far. Writing is also a way to reach many people. Many motivational speakers make their own book or write articles in newspaper columns and magazines.


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